Fast Consistent Character Video with Face Fix (ComfyUI)

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This workflow stylizes a dance video with the following techniques:

  • IP-adapter for consistent character.
  • Multiple ControlNets for consistent frame-to-frame motion.
  • AnimateDiff for frame-to-frame consistency.
  • LCM LoRA for speeding up video generation by 3 times.
  • Detailer (ComfyUI’s ADetailer) to fix face (with AnimateDiff for consistency).

This is an updated version of this consistent character video-to-video workflow.

GIF version (reduced quality):

You will learn/get:

  • A downloadable ComfyUI workflow that generates this video.
  • Customization options.
  • Notes on building this workflow.

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  1. Having an issue using Think Diffusion. It will only allow me to upload 2gb per file and suggests I use the URL submit instead. Where do I find those URLs for the models larger than 2gb?

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