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Stable Diffusion Level 1

This course is your first course to Stable Diffusion. Based on AUTOMATIC1111, it covers options of local or online setup of Stable Diffusion, basic text-to-image settings, a systematic method of building a prompt, checkpoint models, fixing common newbie issues, and an end-to-end workflow for generating large images.

Stable Diffusion Level 2

This beginner’s course introduces you to image-to-image, using checkpoint models correctly, prompt building, A1111 extensions, LoRA, textual inversion, hypernetwork, upscalers, basic ControlNet, and an intermediate end-to-end workflow.

Marko M.

The courses are truly amazing and easy to follow. Can’t ask for anything better!

Aliya S.

The Keyword Visual Guide that comes with the course is very beneficial. Thank you!

Stable Diffusion Level 3

This intermediate course covers VAE, negative prompt, ControlNet upscale, ControlNet inpainting, end-to-end workflow with ControlNet, generating realistic people, Stable Diffusion 2, Adetailer for automatic fixing faces, training checkpoint models, Deforum video, and SDXL Turbo.

Stable Diffusion Level 4

This advanced course covers regional prompting, training a LoRA model, generating consistent faces, ControlNet SDXL, making infinite zoom video, outpainting, animateDiff video, and animating a still image.

Napier A.

Learning from YouTube doesn’t work for me. This course is massively helpful in mastering Stable Diffusion.

Gary Z.

The progressive courses are very good. I like it starts from the very basic to advanced topics.

ComfyUI Beginner’s Course

This course covers basic usage of ComfyUI, tips, and tricks, working with nodes, making your own workflow, using LoRA models, using textual inversions, image-to-image, inpainting, upscaling, ControlNet, combining conditionings, VAE, animateDiff and fast models.

Consistent Characters

This master class covers methods for generating a consistent face and outfit across multiple images. You can cast the character in different backgrounds and poses.

Mastering ControlNet

(WIP) This master class covers everything you need to know about effectively using ControlNet. It starts from basic to advanced topics with tons of exercises to practice and be good at.

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