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Stable Diffusion Level 1

This course is your first course to Stable Diffusion. Based on AUTOMATIC1111, it covers options of local or online setup of Stable Diffusion, basic text-to-image settings, a systematic method of building a prompt, checkpoint models, fixing common newbie issues, and an end-to-end workflow for generating large images.

Stable Diffusion Level 2

This beginner’s course introduces you to image-to-image, using checkpoint models correctly, prompt building, A1111 extensions, LoRA, textual inversion, hypernetwork, upscalers, basic ControlNet, and an intermediate end-to-end workflow.

Stable Diffusion Level 3

This intermediate course covers VAE, negative prompt, ControlNet upscale, ControlNet inpainting, end-to-end workflow with ControlNet, generating realistic people, Stable Diffusion 2, Adetailer for automatic fixing faces, training checkpoint models, Deforum video, and SDXL Turbo.

Stable Diffusion Level 4

This advanced course covers regional prompting, training a LoRA model, generating consistent faces, ControlNet SDXL, making infinite zoom video, outpainting, animateDiff video, and animating a still image.

ComfyUI Beginner’s Course

This course covers basic usage of ComfyUI, tips, and tricks, working with nodes, making your own workflow, using LoRA models, using textual inversions, image-to-image, inpainting, upscaling, ControlNet, combining conditionings, VAE, animateDiff and fast models.

Consistent Characters

This master class covers methods for generating a consistent face and outfit across multiple images. You can cast the character in different backgrounds and poses.

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