A curious case (animateDiff hi-res video)

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This ComfyUI AnimateDiff prompt travel workflow generates a high-resolution video of a person going reverse in time as he walks in the part.

The post includes:

  • A downloadable ComflyUI workflow for AnimateDiff prompt travel video with high-res fix. It can generate videos with higher resolution, like 1024×1024.
  • A step-by-step guide to using this workflow.
  • Customization instructions.

The video looks like this:

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By Andrew

Andrew is an experienced engineer with a specialization in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. He is passionate about programming, art, photography, and education. He has a Ph.D. in engineering.


  1. I am getting this error: Error occurred when executing BatchPromptSchedule: string index out of range. NOt sure what could be the reason for this. I am running this on comfyui, I am changing nothing. Any ideas?

    1. Actually I got it resolved, the text in the png file has a comma at very end. That comma is creating the problem. If anyone else has this issue. You can remove the comma at end. It should work fine

  2. The animatediff isn’t working anymore, I get this error: “NansException: A tensor with all NaNs was produced in VAE. This could be because there’s not enough precision to represent the picture. Try adding –no-half-vae commandline argument to fix this. Use –disable-nan-check commandline argument to disable this check.”

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