What is life (animateDiff video)

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This ComfyUI AnimateDiff prompt travel workflow generates a time-lapse video of a life. This article includes:

  • The ComflyUI workflow file for download.
  • A step-by-step guide to using this workflow.
  • Customization instructions.

The video looks like this:

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By Andrew

Andrew is an experienced engineer with a specialization in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. He is passionate about programming, art, photography, and education. He possesses a Ph.D. in engineering.


  1. Hi Andrew, after I clicked Download workflow as in the first step above, it only downloaded a png file, which is not a .json workflow file, would you please fix that?

      1. Thank you for your quick reply. I tried, but it did not work, still displaying as an image in Edge browser, the Load Button also does not work, I’m using the latest ComfyUI on Windows11, is there a setting in ComfyUI that I can tweak? or am I missing some plugin/custom node for this?

        1. Mmm… I just tried on a fresh comfyui installation and it is working. I confirmed the metadata of the png file contains the workflow. You can try updating your comfyui or start with a fresh installation.

  2. New member here. I’ve been able to follow your other tutorials, but on this one I get the following error when starting CompyUI:
    ‘ImportError: tokenizers>=0.14,<0.15 is required for a normal functioning of this module, but found tokenizers==0.13.3.
    Try: pip install transformers -U or pip install -e '.[dev]' if you're working with git main'

    Everything appears to be installed correctly, and I attempted the two suggestions that followed the error. They just error out too. Any ideas?

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