Pop art pattern illustration portrait

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Air brush

Be immersed in the world of patterns.

All images are generated with Colab notebook included in the Quick Start Guide.

This is a simple yet versatile prompt that

Positive prompt:

amber heard, (pop art:1.1), colorful spiral patterns, painting, (vibrant color palette:1.2). Intricate. Highly detailed, art by Steve Henderson

Keyword “spiral” can be replaced with one of the followings to create a different pattern

  • airbrush patterns
  • swirl
  • primary color
  • fractal
  • shattered glass
  • waterfall
  • stained glass
  • geometric
  • art deco
  • Egyptian
CFG scale7
Sampling steps20
Image size512×768
Face restorationCodeformer
Sampling methodDPM++ 2M Karras
Model50% F222 + 50% Anythingv3

Technical notes

  • Using a merged model is critical in creating this style. Anythingv3 creates a nice anime style which blends with the patterns well. Without it, a realistic face will sometimes be generated. I don’t like the unnatural body shape of Anything v3. It is blended with F222 to attain a more natural body.
  • The keyword “Amber Heard” is quite important here. Because of her expansive hair style, the hair blends with the pattern seamlessly. You can experiment with using other actresses and many of them won’t blend as well. Zendaya is another interesting choice you can experiment with. Her curly hair would blend with certain patterns in a distinct way.
  • To keep the hair style but change the face, try blending two faces with keyword blending.
  • Normally F222 model has high risk of generating nudes. But perhaps it is blended with Anything v3 and because of this style, it almost always generate colorful body painting.
  • Normally I would not use Amber Heard alone because she is too recognizable. Blending with Anythingv3 model makes her face more generic.
  • “pop art” is used to make the color pop out more. Without it the generation is less vibrant.
  • “primary color” can be added to any pattern to make the color pop out more.


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