A beautiful space

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Let’s take a short trip and explore the universe.

All images are generated with Colab notebook included in the Quick Start Guide.

Positive prompt:

man in hoodies standing looking out of floor-to-ceiling windows, spacestation 2077, ceiling, beautiful galaxy outside, 4k, artstation, unreal engine, realistic, Futuristic, neon, intricate, vaporwave, futuristic hologram decor

Negative prompt:

CFG scale7
Sampling steps30
Image size704×512
Face restorationNone
Sampling methodDPM++ 2M Karras
ModelStable Diffusion v1.4

Technical notes

  • Wanted to portrait someone looking out from a future space habitat. hoodies is used to signal this is a fairly common occasion, hinting a distant future.
  • Keyword spaceship generated a tight space and small window. Replacing with space station makes it more spacious.
  • The windows were too small, like… in a space station. Keyword floor-to-ceiling windows helped to make them larger.
  • Turned out not easy to render interesting space scene outside the window. Tried deep space, distant star, planet with varying degree of success but not consistent. Beautiful galaxy works reasonably well and tend to generate darker background which provided a nice contrast.
  • Futuristic hologram decor is used to render interesting hologram objects in the room, though it does not always show.
  • neon helped create interesting lighting effect.

By Andrew

Andrew is an experienced engineer with a specialization in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. He is passionate about programming, art, photography, and education. He has a Ph.D. in engineering.

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